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Update 9/14 & 9/21

2012-09-21 06:29:23 by revolverroach

- Fixed bug that caused game to slow down if Equip screen is repeatedly opened/closed
- Fixed issue with item de-syncing when switching between characters
- Fixed bug that made characters stop animating

- Updated UI
- Updated Graphics: now using all old sprites as placeholders for final graphics
- TODO: Combat Engine

Finally back. Work kept me busy with back-to-back rush projects. Managed to eke out a bugfix last week although I wasn't able to post. Still, some people did notice.

New version today, mostly graphical updates. I'm almost done connecting my combat engine to this latest build. Just a few more fixes and it'll be ready for some proper testing.

As you can plainly see, MR2 will NOT be out in time for Madness Day. However, I do look forward to playing and watching all the Madness related content that will be flooding the NG portal tomorrow. Also looking forward to playing an hour or two of Borderlands 2. However, I am royally pissed that the Siren's Phasewalk is gone. Instead, I get some sort of choke hold. Bah. Nothing better than walking into a group of bandits undetected then exploding into existence. It always reminded me of Dio's ZA WARUDO. Still, if B-Lands 2 doesn't click with me, I've still got Dark Souls waiting on the shelf.

Anyhoo, beta will continue, combat coming soon, and advanced Helluva Madness Day everyone!

Update 9/14 & 9/21

Update 8/31 & 9/3

2012-09-02 16:16:35 by revolverroach

Updated on Friday 8/31 but forgot to make a post about it. Update again today.

- GUI Mapped but not yet functional
- Equipment testing
- Selected/Move Markers
- Move AP Cost display

Update is that there's no update yet. From the last beta version, you can guess that I'm adding the GUI. This is a tedious step. Will update when it's stable.

OFF-TOPIC - Finally got to play a game of TF2: Mann vs. Machine. Kind of cool. Lag was horrible though. Pic related.

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 8/23

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 8/14 & 8/6

2012-08-06 01:16:19 by revolverroach

= = = = UPDATE 8/14 = = = =
Quick update. First of all, a wild Krinkels appears! Thank you, sir, for the support!

Next up, comment answers: Yes, massive flooding in Manila. I was stranded for a night but otherwise unharmed. Lots of people had flood damage and I've been going around helping where I can which is partly why I've been offline. The flooding also caused a few issues at work which we've now resolved.

Last but not least, BETA UPDATE! Very minor. Facing, weapons and character icons. Equip menu triggers but has nothing in it yet.

BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where feet would keep animating even when the character is not moving. Thanks to beepbop for figuring out what triggered the bug.

That's all for now. Peace out!

= = = = ORIGINAL POST 8/6= = = =
As many have noticed, I've been updating the beta client as I go. I only update when I think that the version is STABLE, but not necessarily active. Some "bugs" such as two Characters being on the same tile is not a bug at all. It's just that the collision detection is turned off until a scenario is loaded. Still, it's great that people are pointing it out.

Not the most professional way of doing things but it does allow you to see progression, and me to see bugs as I put in each new feature. We'll keep this system until we think of something better.

Hold on! Still working! Didn't really expect to have to rebuild the beta. Will squeeze in a little extra work tonight so I can hopefully relaunch tomorrow.

Side note: It pains me that I still have not seen Dark Knight Rises. So little time so much to do.

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 7/28

2012-07-27 20:10:49 by revolverroach

BAH. Apparently It fixed nothing. OK new approach. I'll strip out even more of the stat tracking and optimizing functions. Basically, this is like taking apart a car and building a motorcycle out of the parts... sigh... Anyway, let's Occam's razor this sh*t. I'll update as I progress.

-- Original Post --
I think I've fixed the loading bug. Post here if you're still having problems. I'll check the board again tomorrow night, Sunday 7/29 (GMT+8)

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 7/26

2012-07-26 03:34:52 by revolverroach

Sorry for the late update. I've identified the Loading Problem. It's a bit more complicated than expected and I'm still working on it. For those who are experiencing it, the Loading won't be fixed until Friday, July 27, night my time (GMT+8).

For the ones who can use it, happy testing.


Right from the get go we have errors. Ugh.

Looking at the feedback I see that some of testers have an issue where the game doesn't start at all. It just shows the "DON'T PANIC" screen and doesn't move forward. If it had worked, you would see the body parts animate and complete the character, then the screen would load into gameplay. I'll be looking into the problem and it will be addressed in the Wednesday update.

Thanks to all the people congratulating me on my employment. In a way this will help move MR2 along since now I won't have to worry about generating income. Trust me, monthly bills are a pain in the arse.

See you on Monday folks! Stay awesome!

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Back on Track (Again)

2012-07-16 13:04:11 by revolverroach

First of all, sorry again for the delays. Last week Monday I finally ended 6 years of freelancing and became an official company employee. It was a bit more than I expected and I've been kept busy with meetings, training, and just getting up to speed with company operations. Also been avoiding the temptation to log onto NG using company internet. It's been a loooong and tiring week.

But enough about me, lets talked about this perpetually delayed game and this mess of a beta. Firstly...


Sorry to all the beta testers who've been patiently (or not) waiting. I've got a ton of PMs and comments to sift through and will be answering them as the week progresses. Hopefully you stick around and help me out with this project. Secondly...


- Updates Wednesdays and Fridays
- Instructions will be posted here on my news board.
- I've still got to figure out a way to send feedback in-game. For now, you can submit feedback through NG PM with the title "FEEDBACK".

NOTE: I've blocked off 2 hours a night to work on the game which will give me time to create 3-5 scenarios for testing. This should prevent any further delays.


- The following are a few guide questions for providing feedback. Aside from bug reports, these are the things I am most interested in knowing. Of course, if you think of something that you feel is important, you can send that as feedback as well

=== start of guide ===
- Intuitiveness: How hard is it to figure out the combat system
- Control: Are the controls easy to understand? Do the controls do what you expect them yo do?
- Graphics: Do the animations & effects slow down the framerate? What quality (High, Medium, Low) can you best play it in.

- Difficulty: Are the scenarios challenging?
- Variety: Are the skills useful? Interesting? Is there enough variety between classes that they feel different from each other?
- Strategy: What is your favored strategy? Aggressive? Defensive? Do you pick which enemies to attack first or do you just attack the ones closest to you?
- Enemy Variety: Do you feel a difference between enemies? Can you tell what type an enemy is by sight?

- Incentive: Do you feel the need to explore? Do you feel the rewards of exploring are worth the effort?
- Pacing: Do you notice the difficulty increasing? Is it increasing too fast or too slow?
- Interest: Do you notice the backgrounds? Do you have an idea of what place you're in?
- Effects: Do the effects add to the game or do are they distracting?
=== end of guide ===

Too tired to think of a clever or funny sign off, so I'll use my default work email sign.

- Bruce

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Back on Track (Again)

MR2 Beta Phase 2: In Progress

2012-07-05 11:07:43 by revolverroach

= = = = UPDATE = = = =
Sorry for the delay. Getting my paperwork in order so I can start my IRL job on Monday. I should get the MR2 Update up by Sunday evening. Gomen!

= = = = ORIGINAL MESSAGE = = = =
Good job to all the people who confirmed! We got about 2/3 confirmed.

I'll be working on the update over the next few hours. If you see any weirdness that's because it's not done yet.

When it's ready, I'll update this page.

MR2 Beta Phase 2: In Progress