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Update 9/14 & 9/21

2012-09-21 06:29:23 by revolverroach

- Fixed bug that caused game to slow down if Equip screen is repeatedly opened/closed
- Fixed issue with item de-syncing when switching between characters
- Fixed bug that made characters stop animating

- Updated UI
- Updated Graphics: now using all old sprites as placeholders for final graphics
- TODO: Combat Engine

Finally back. Work kept me busy with back-to-back rush projects. Managed to eke out a bugfix last week although I wasn't able to post. Still, some people did notice.

New version today, mostly graphical updates. I'm almost done connecting my combat engine to this latest build. Just a few more fixes and it'll be ready for some proper testing.

As you can plainly see, MR2 will NOT be out in time for Madness Day. However, I do look forward to playing and watching all the Madness related content that will be flooding the NG portal tomorrow. Also looking forward to playing an hour or two of Borderlands 2. However, I am royally pissed that the Siren's Phasewalk is gone. Instead, I get some sort of choke hold. Bah. Nothing better than walking into a group of bandits undetected then exploding into existence. It always reminded me of Dio's ZA WARUDO. Still, if B-Lands 2 doesn't click with me, I've still got Dark Souls waiting on the shelf.

Anyhoo, beta will continue, combat coming soon, and advanced Helluva Madness Day everyone!

Update 9/14 & 9/21


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2015-01-06 23:59:51

We're all hoping that you're back Mr. Roach!


2015-01-12 05:55:21

He Will Come Back.


2015-01-22 17:47:40

Even his site is gone....


2015-01-24 06:57:22

He already dead..


2015-01-30 13:25:50

The picture is a message!
We should decipher it to understand what Revolverroach actually wanted to say but had no way to say it directly.


2015-06-06 12:06:45

where is Roach?!?!?! Is he dead or something its been a very long time. I've been checking the beta testing site every other month and nothing x( beta testing made me think the game would be out soon xc


2015-06-18 10:16:33

We will all be waiting for you Mr. Roach, may the gods lead you back to the community someday.


2015-08-20 03:21:07

We will still be here waiting, patiently, if it never comes..then that's unfortunate, at least we still have the first one. i hope you're okay, you know, not dead and that you've just got things to do in your life.


2015-09-19 11:29:21



2015-11-23 20:25:09

So he's dead then ;^;


2016-05-18 21:32:48

Finished Retaliation for the third time today, still hate that damn clown. You made good stuff roach, sucks that you disappeared. Wouldn't be mad if you came back and tossed away MR2 though.


2016-07-26 18:01:38

Finished Retaliation for the 999 time using ZA WARUDO!
Dude! Tnx for making M.Retaliation for android! yes guys! He Made the game android compatible!
You can download it on PlayStore! For free!! Tnx again dude and hope you finest MR2 :)


2016-10-19 08:41:34

There is an android version but I don'ty think it's him that made it. Not that I complain.


2016-11-12 19:35:26

Just beat the game for my first time today. Unfortunately I downloaded the game and didn't get any of the medals. That damned clown gave me more trouble than the final 3 lol.


2017-01-22 17:02:20

Pathetic RevolverRoach, you forget this nice game in progress and your fans


2017-05-02 19:30:39

Are you dead?


2017-05-14 01:32:45

Hello from 2017, love the madness retaliation 1. And yeah.


2017-08-02 01:08:13

So it is mid-2017... I hope you're not dead but... please come back!1!!!1


2017-08-02 01:08:51

Should we give up hope?