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MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 8/23

2012-08-22 23:45:08 by revolverroach

Update is that there's no update yet. From the last beta version, you can guess that I'm adding the GUI. This is a tedious step. Will update when it's stable.

OFF-TOPIC - Finally got to play a game of TF2: Mann vs. Machine. Kind of cool. Lag was horrible though. Pic related.

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 8/23


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2012-08-23 00:15:20

What is a GUI?


2012-08-23 01:00:40

Graphics User Interface


2012-08-23 02:52:14

One step at a time!


2012-08-23 07:17:27

Take your time and make It epic.
BTW I agree with MvM. The new mode Is really fun but lag Is just annoying.


2012-08-23 09:09:15

Keep calm and carry on!


2012-08-25 21:40:53

Men, this is going to be an epic game. Thanks AceTriad for the explanation.


2012-08-30 12:44:44

its been more than a year since you said you will finish it ;) i hope all after all this time you give us an epic game ;) take your time, but more time, more expectatives ;)


2012-08-30 16:08:43

wishing you would finish, but its okay. from the looks of retaliation 1, i already know that this gonna be a good one.


2012-09-01 10:53:52

problem w/newest update: when double clicking a character/their icon, the menu would no longer show up.


2012-09-01 12:21:01

well if my parents let me donate you i donate but


2012-09-06 00:37:17

I want to be beta tester.. can i?