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MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 8/14 & 8/6

2012-08-06 01:16:19 by revolverroach

= = = = UPDATE 8/14 = = = =
Quick update. First of all, a wild Krinkels appears! Thank you, sir, for the support!

Next up, comment answers: Yes, massive flooding in Manila. I was stranded for a night but otherwise unharmed. Lots of people had flood damage and I've been going around helping where I can which is partly why I've been offline. The flooding also caused a few issues at work which we've now resolved.

Last but not least, BETA UPDATE! Very minor. Facing, weapons and character icons. Equip menu triggers but has nothing in it yet.

BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where feet would keep animating even when the character is not moving. Thanks to beepbop for figuring out what triggered the bug.

That's all for now. Peace out!

= = = = ORIGINAL POST 8/6= = = =
As many have noticed, I've been updating the beta client as I go. I only update when I think that the version is STABLE, but not necessarily active. Some "bugs" such as two Characters being on the same tile is not a bug at all. It's just that the collision detection is turned off until a scenario is loaded. Still, it's great that people are pointing it out.

Not the most professional way of doing things but it does allow you to see progression, and me to see bugs as I put in each new feature. We'll keep this system until we think of something better.


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2012-08-06 02:20:27

Can't wait. :)


2012-08-06 02:42:47

yay (V) ;,,; (V)


2012-08-06 03:02:13

So far looks great! Cant wait to test this game out to the fullest extent of this beta!


2012-08-06 05:44:12

Sometimes one character can only move up or down it's like they get stuck or something

the way you move is just a little to precise maybe make the block bigger?
also it would be great to have hotkeys to instantly pick the characters like 1,2,3,4
Thank you for your time.


2012-08-06 07:30:42

f12guy: for the character move it's normal is part of the gameplay: move to right and left cost 1 ap for each 1 block (currently setting on 20 ap on the beta you an move to right nd left 20 time, when ap is over you can't move no more to R and L ) but not if you make a move up and down is normal in not cost ap you can move it as uch as you want.

you can still play to MR1 if you want to understand more on the gameplay of MR2


2012-08-06 12:58:03

I'm still patiently waiting.
If the game requires so long time to wait it means that the game will be long and awesome


2012-08-06 15:19:10

It's fine if it's not professional if revolverroach is doing it it must be professional!


2012-08-06 15:43:37

A very minor bug: If you click a character while it is already selected, it will move up if there was a tile behind it. Again, very minor and may not actually be a bug at all :P


2012-08-08 15:01:37

You're a machine. Keep it up, man!


2012-08-08 15:36:25

Roach, consider yourself honoured to be adressed by mr Boris


2012-08-09 14:38:17

omg you are now considered a star because master krinkels has commented


2012-08-09 16:24:36

We have nothing but complete faith in you, man!


2012-08-10 10:07:10

So-o-o-o-o-o... we're ready for next part of beta.


2012-08-11 02:59:04

I just{today} translated your MR1(I'm not a English-Speaker)
For now...I have some thing to do


2012-08-11 17:59:49

does anyone know if revolverroach is actually living in the philippines? theres a lot of flooding in manilla and we haven't heard from him in 5 days.


2012-08-13 20:32:36

Now it's been over a week I'm starting to get a little worried, does anyone know what part of the Philippines revolverroach lives in? Hope he is all right.


2012-08-14 09:37:30

Cool. But somethings bothering me. You said you would add a sequal to 'madness retaliation' (possibly your best creation) but it's been around 2-3 years since the games release. Just wondering if and when the sequal will come.


2012-08-14 13:21:17

haven't found any bugs for now, as always, take your time.


2012-08-14 13:54:31

Ah, nice new beta.


2012-08-14 17:05:49

Don't be surprised that Krinkels commented, you're more than deserving of his praise.


2012-08-14 23:44:15

dude why wouldnt krinkels comment on this. this is one of the best madness stuff to ever come to newgrounds probily #2 to the orginaland everyones happy your safe and and alive and i think the next part of the beta sould be the enamys or background that be awsomeeeee


2012-08-15 06:59:31

New update, duel wielding? Me Gusta.


2012-08-16 20:30:16

is it out or wat i just beated Madness Retaliation if its out dam i got 2 play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012-08-17 04:33:44

Looking good so far Roach. Keep it up, we believe in you! Wonder what'll be in the next update... action, a background, or more interface items?


2012-08-17 13:44:46

If the game will be finished and there will be a chainsaw I will kiss your ass mentally!


2012-08-17 14:38:23

Good for you man. Take as long as you need.


2012-08-17 15:19:15

DAMN! Dual wilding knives?
Looks great!


2012-08-20 02:19:44

is there like some secret meeting place you get the beta or what i really want to test it out