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MR2 Beta Phase 2: Update 8/2

2012-08-02 05:39:35 by revolverroach

Hold on! Still working! Didn't really expect to have to rebuild the beta. Will squeeze in a little extra work tonight so I can hopefully relaunch tomorrow.

Side note: It pains me that I still have not seen Dark Knight Rises. So little time so much to do.


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2012-08-02 06:21:22

I've seen the DKR, I thought it was brilliant but I'm not going to spoil anything.


2012-08-02 06:49:53

Good luck! But i wouldn't be able to help you unfortunally :/ i go to vacation whitout internet


2012-08-02 07:55:00

just take as long as you need i've got plenty of patience


2012-08-02 10:26:19

the movie is amazing! i know i'm probably not helping you feel any better but... its a really good movie. also i'm with cheatercat, take as long as you need =D


2012-08-02 11:31:46

Don't worry bro, I haven't seen Dark Knight Rises either. Maybe if u decide to take a break you could see it. Take your time.


2012-08-02 18:45:59

Hopefully it doesn't take long. Loved MR1.


2012-08-02 23:01:11

An even pace will work better than a mad rush to have it out the door. I don't mind the delays. I know that it will be a completely different beast from the first one! Best of luck with programming progress and time management!


2012-08-03 10:14:31

It works! Fixing the fancy schmancy preloader seems to have worked. Question is, what's in the beta? Because I just see some dudes on a floo, and I can move them around. It gives me todays changelog, and I can move the guys, but nothing else.


2012-08-03 10:47:02

Appears to have been fixed!

Now all we need are scenarios.


2012-08-03 11:30:22

I enjoyed taking a walk^^


2012-08-03 11:42:36

sorry for double posting but i want to help when i still can: as drsonic and fortywopercent says the loading bug appear to have been fix for now is the normal newgrounds loader after hiting play we are one a "map" when we can move our chracter for 20 ap and we have some sentence about the version ap ect...

i guess is normal and the same for everyone but just want to check now we can't wait to see now the story and full gameplay :)


2012-08-03 15:35:33

Hey, it kinda works now! There's a white background and the tank and Play button. When I press play, There's four guys with no equipment and some words at the top, and there in a place with a bunch of tyles. I can't wait for the SCENARIOS!


2012-08-03 17:23:34

Its been said. I can walk around now.


2012-08-03 21:32:57

A bit of the beta is working for me now. Starts with a preloader with a white background, then goes into a simple beta with being able to move the characters.


2012-08-04 17:28:36

The same is now true for me as well. I get to a white grid with four guys which I can move for 20 ap. Not sure if this sort of feedback helps at all. I hope it does.


2012-08-04 21:18:37

Info about the movement system:

1st glitch: people randomly can walk onto a space that is already taken by another guy.

more to come later...


2012-08-05 07:05:53

sometimes you can walk onto the place occupied by another player,and for me it happens that i can't move (sometimes) even when i supposed to still have AP.

Oh,and... keep it goin'!


2012-08-05 07:59:44

Currently working for me. It's only testing the movement part of gameplay but it's something important also.