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MR2 Beta Phase 2: Back on Track (Again)

2012-07-16 13:04:11 by revolverroach

First of all, sorry again for the delays. Last week Monday I finally ended 6 years of freelancing and became an official company employee. It was a bit more than I expected and I've been kept busy with meetings, training, and just getting up to speed with company operations. Also been avoiding the temptation to log onto NG using company internet. It's been a loooong and tiring week.

But enough about me, lets talked about this perpetually delayed game and this mess of a beta. Firstly...


Sorry to all the beta testers who've been patiently (or not) waiting. I've got a ton of PMs and comments to sift through and will be answering them as the week progresses. Hopefully you stick around and help me out with this project. Secondly...


- Updates Wednesdays and Fridays
- Instructions will be posted here on my news board.
- I've still got to figure out a way to send feedback in-game. For now, you can submit feedback through NG PM with the title "FEEDBACK".

NOTE: I've blocked off 2 hours a night to work on the game which will give me time to create 3-5 scenarios for testing. This should prevent any further delays.


- The following are a few guide questions for providing feedback. Aside from bug reports, these are the things I am most interested in knowing. Of course, if you think of something that you feel is important, you can send that as feedback as well

=== start of guide ===
- Intuitiveness: How hard is it to figure out the combat system
- Control: Are the controls easy to understand? Do the controls do what you expect them yo do?
- Graphics: Do the animations & effects slow down the framerate? What quality (High, Medium, Low) can you best play it in.

- Difficulty: Are the scenarios challenging?
- Variety: Are the skills useful? Interesting? Is there enough variety between classes that they feel different from each other?
- Strategy: What is your favored strategy? Aggressive? Defensive? Do you pick which enemies to attack first or do you just attack the ones closest to you?
- Enemy Variety: Do you feel a difference between enemies? Can you tell what type an enemy is by sight?

- Incentive: Do you feel the need to explore? Do you feel the rewards of exploring are worth the effort?
- Pacing: Do you notice the difficulty increasing? Is it increasing too fast or too slow?
- Interest: Do you notice the backgrounds? Do you have an idea of what place you're in?
- Effects: Do the effects add to the game or do are they distracting?
=== end of guide ===

Too tired to think of a clever or funny sign off, so I'll use my default work email sign.

- Bruce

MR2 Beta Phase 2: Back on Track (Again)


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2012-07-16 13:17:06

Woohoo! I'll PM if anything goes wrong


2012-07-16 14:56:29

Yay, hope the page gets updated soon ^^


2012-07-16 18:04:22

Good you have steady job, if you wanted it so badly (as it seems). This is more important than game, so life stuff first, then hobbies later, since the latter can't put food on your table and pay for your bills as efficiently.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't rush this game, just keep with current speed and it will go more or less smoothly. There are plenty of Madness fans just waiting to delve deep in your game, though - not to be rude - they usually talk first and think later. Don't be fooled into rushing things.

Waiting for the beta ;)

And don't burn yourself out in your new job. No work is worth taking life of a game designer!


2012-07-16 18:11:23

Congrats on the job, I really hope it helps to make life much easier.


2012-07-16 19:06:35

When i see all stuff and work you put it in i'm sure it will be FANTASTIC c'ant wait!!! and congratulations for your job!


2012-07-19 00:02:56

Is there any gameplay?


2012-07-19 00:41:00

Congrats on the job! Can't wait to see the finished product!


2012-07-19 11:01:43

just take as long as you need


2012-07-20 07:57:00

i want to beta test


2012-07-20 20:55:23

I can wait


2012-07-22 12:30:22

Take You're Time, Dude. I Can Wait.


2012-07-22 22:45:24

If only i was lucky enough to be able to be a beta tester of this. Glad to hear about getting a job. Just know that(as it's possible someone said before me) it's also important to focus on your life. This game is going to be awesome, but knowing your sanity hasn't been damaged is all the more satisfying. I wish you good luck. You very well may need it. Jake, out.


2012-07-22 23:56:05

awsome its almost out and good giude i tihnk all teh ebat testeer will ekpp taht in mind including me i hope this time there more tpyes of guns adn knife to make it mroe complicated and combat mcuh rmeo harder in both end adn begining and posibly a new tpye of item good luck revovlerroach i wish you all the luck in the world if there is luck