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Madness Retaliation *CHANGELOG*

2010-10-27 05:46:15 by revolverroach

List of changes made on Madness Retaliation

= = = LATEST UPDATE 1.5.7 = = =
- Waiting for approval from NG admin. Will repost when it's available. Thanks for your patience.
- Some save system bugfixes. Again, saves are local to your PC, NOT your NG account.
- Added new ability for the Savior Halo that will help exploration.
- Medals created, pending NG approval.

Version 1.5.6 :: Updated (10/27/10)
- Bugfix for weapon disappearing if killed by clown explosion. 3rd attempt to fix this bug. Cross your fingers.
- Moved old update notes to CHANGE LOG: http://revolverroach.newg 28

Version 1.5.5 :: Updated (10/26/10-10PM)
- created workaround for disappearing weapons glitch (thanks Grinmore) if your character suddenly has zombie hands, check the inventory, your weapon should be there.
- fixed empty uncleared room glitch (thanks s3v3ns)
- Big thanks to all the reviews and for pointing out the bugs. You guys rock!
- NOTE: Music Credits for this game are posted here ws/post/530660

Version 1.5.4 :: Updated (10/26/10)
- cleared rooms have a 50% chance of having no enemies.
- map now shows doors and keycard numbers
- fixed the glitch where weapons disappear. (thanks to Alephnor and mrpikmin123)

= = = GAME HINT SHEET (No Spoilers) = = = ws/post/530331


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2010-10-27 15:26:14

that game was awesome buddy


2010-10-27 17:43:07

Sweet, can't wait till the medals are added. :D


2010-12-01 14:13:11

Make zombie hands a weapon in the sequel! Anyways, how come people who don't want zombie hands get 'em? :( No cool glitches ever come when i play games D:


2010-12-01 20:45:12

best game ever i give it a 100 out of 10