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Madness Retaliation HINTS *Spoiler Warning*

2010-10-25 07:24:55 by revolverroach

*Spoiler Warning* - Contains information that may decrease your enjoyment.

Ok. People are getting stuck, so i think I'd better post a guide. I really wanted the game to have a degree of frustrating difficulty, but on the other hand, I want people to be able to play it.

This is not a walkthrough, just a few hints that may help you get further. I'll only cover the crucial items. Not the secrets. DO NOT READ AHEAD UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY WANT HINTS. I'll put some spaces so you can quit before reading the next hint.




- Keep going past the locked elevator. You'll find it, easy.


- In the zombie-filled room with the Night Vision Goggles, there is another exit. The walls here are pretty weak.


- The ATP have set a surprise for anyone who tries to take this key. Be prepared.


- This one belongs to the boss of Clowns. He'd prefer to take a bullet rather than a blade to the face.


- This device is powered by the souls of your enemies. Careful though, the PID can both help and harm you.


- No, it is not a glitch. It is a test. Perhaps you should write it down.


- Up, Down, Left, Right. Follow the writing on the wall. "B is not a direction." you say? Think Forward and Back until the meaning is clear.

And if you really need to, go take a look at these


Keycard 2 Guide


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2010-10-25 07:28:28

Thanks very much that realy helped.


2010-10-25 07:41:52

That was the best Maddness game. It was nice and had a great fighting rpg. but it is a little hard.


2010-10-25 07:48:56

Ahhh,Thanks. I enjoyed Fallout 1 and 2 when i was 10. Now someone re created it into madness...


2010-10-25 13:37:45

where's the 2nd to last weapon? I have all of them except that one, I think it's probably a rifle.

Also it would be awesome if you could choose the makeup of your team beforehand too (i.e. what class they are)

revolverroach responds:

second to the last weapon is the BREN rifle. there's one in a secret room just after the Tricky boss clown battle and there's another one in the dome where you started the game. hope that helps.

as for the class system, i actually did that when i started making the game. but in play testing with my friends, they couldn't figure out what classes to get until they actually got the weapons. and then when they got new weapons that didn't match classes, they'd be frustrated at their choice. in the end, i just removed the option.

if i make a sequel/expansion, i'll work that feature in for sure.


2010-10-25 14:17:43

Ahh, finally beat the game, I started playing right when I saw it on flash portal and now I'm done. I was still missing a piece of armor and a helmet at the end but the final fight wasn't too hard, unless you run out of smoke grenades and health kits. That P.I.D sure helped a lot too.
Even though the enemies keep respawning when you leave the map and come back later, you can still obtain more health kits, grenades and recharge the P.I.D to 30 revives from winning fights.

revolverroach responds:

the respawning enemies were really so that you could grind for items. what i didn't realize is that it would make exploration so tedious. but i see you've beaten my system. congrats man! glad you enjoyed it!


2010-10-26 17:55:38

Hello. First off I'd like to say absolutely fantastic game. Im having an excessive amount of trouble figuring out the tower puzzle. If you could send me a tip or something that would be fantastic.

revolverroach responds:

I added another hint for the tower in the hint sheet above ;D


2010-10-26 21:32:35

ok, the 2nd hint doesn't help. all i can think of in terms of back or backward is going through the directions in reverse order for the four before the B's or trying to go backward from the page itself. not to mention i even just tried sending them backward by having them go up, down, up, down, since they walk back to do that.
This game is amazing, except for the tower puzzle.


2010-10-26 22:55:19

yeah either im retarded or i still cant do the tower maze.... can anyone help?


2010-10-26 23:04:17

Hey man this is one of the best games I've ever played. But there's a bug when fighting the clown. When I die and try again I lost my rifle and my machine gun. Is this supposed to happen and if not how can I get my guns back?


2010-10-26 23:24:40

I must also be retarded. I don't get the back and forward hint. I've tried doing the instructions in reverse, forward from the fourth letter, back and forth between the same room...


2010-10-27 03:20:21

yeah, i still cant figure the tower out, dunno if im just being retarded, but imreaaly stuck now


2010-10-27 04:28:26

I try going "back" but I can't. WTF?


2010-10-27 09:15:15

Good walkthrough but I'm stuck on the clown boss, any more tips? :)


2010-10-27 13:11:40

I'm extremely aggrivated since i cant get through this puzzle tower. Im at the railroads can you tell if I am close or not? The railroad is no prob getting to but it's all around confusing. I've ben stuck here bor about almost 20 hours =__=


2010-10-27 13:36:48

Whoops i meant 2 hours o.o


2010-10-27 14:30:36

Ok well i beat the game but still haven't obtained Hank's Sword is it even possible to get? If so u should add it to the hint sheet :3


2010-10-27 18:19:40

That tower is kicking my ass. I can't figure it out. And dude, thats a R-> not a B->


2010-10-27 18:30:29

Tower is utterly annoying me... I go back and forth on the railroad I tried doing the last four things backwards I stay on the railroad nomatter what. Instead of a hint sheet I think you need to just say do it exactly like this or have a video walkthrough for it... seems the tower is most peoples problem. Game is frigin great aside from the tower... that I've been doing for a few hours now >.<


2010-10-27 21:10:49

the tower puzzle is fuckin stupid , ive been trying to do it for 4 hours now the instructions u gave have no help at all wtf is bbbb it makes no sense ive tried everything its a fail and a half loved the game till this shit came up -.-


2010-10-27 22:15:09

I'm at the final boss right now, and I can't seem to kill the guy with the sword..
(there were three guys, the machine gun, the hook, and the ninja).. How do I kill the ninja guy? All my attacks are sent back at me everytime I try to attack him..


2010-10-27 22:50:50

now im at the auditors office and i cant beat the people in the mr saucy outfit....they just block every attack i do...but somehow i killed one of them....

please tell me how to beat it....


2010-10-28 07:32:00

this a great guide and i wish i found it before i made it too the end T.T but the map helped me find 1 or 2 secrets i missed and still i cant beat thoose to wierd dudes that come after u beat the second round of bad guys and ive only hit them once.
getting round is the only problem ive had and other than that this is one of the best madness games ive seen


2010-10-29 07:49:25

what about the clown u cant kill it its hard ass hell.


2010-10-29 23:58:00

This is the best madness game ever!!
but where do you find the saviors head?


2010-10-30 06:02:32

Aye, great game and great guide, thanks, made a review on it - it's great, though one thing I wasn't pleased with was the movement system.

Forgot to add a few things in my review:
1) MP5 and Aug are too similar - they are the same except for the class.
2) Needs more choices when in comes to weapons. What I don't like so much about the game's equipment is that one is always better than another. The only exception is when it comes to those special equipment like the special melee weapons where they work differently in different scenarios.
3) No replay value. Once I defeated the Auditor, my save game is null.

Other than, as I said in my review, great and fun game!


2010-11-01 16:29:25

Thanks for the hints, brilliant game. I managed to find all of the weapons, armor and head gear, including Hank's.


2010-11-01 16:35:15

brilliant game,sweet graphics and really annoying ending...the perfect game.


2010-11-04 09:59:49

awsome game ow and how do we get teh 2nd last armor and helmet its in the last place but how do we get to the tops belowers middle T.T


2010-11-06 00:00:26

an absolutely awesome game! though i was wondering, where can i find the last armor and headgear? iv'e got everything else and have looked just about everywhere but i can't find it. please help.


2010-11-06 14:38:39

Guys, no youtube Talker159 gives a walkthrough of how to get to final boss from the beginning of the maze, but I just can't get that Saucy Costume and mask, please help.


2010-11-08 17:54:50

Is there a way to resend the two 50 point medals? Or do I have to replay the entire game.


2010-11-11 21:08:00

I left a very long review on the flash game itself.
But i'll cut it down to the main question and only problem i have with this.
I got all the way there with out dieing (not on my first try i restarted and go there with out dieing)
and i used any hints or guide untill this boss battle. But i'm at my wits end here.
Please help!


2010-11-12 21:24:30

GAH! BRITISH GUYS. wat do i do?

also click jesus's head for no enemy spawn.

But srsly, british guys. wtf. nothing hurts them. oh well ill prolly figure it out in a couple secs.

and wheres this hanks sword ive been hearing aboot?


2010-11-13 00:34:22

yo i missing the armor thats one left of the bottome right in the menu. so its, left of the british dude armor. does anyone know where to get that one?


2010-11-20 06:42:54

can you please say what armor, headgear and weapons for the different classes should be for the clown ? :)


2010-11-20 06:43:49

i mean when i am against the boss clown


2010-11-23 05:05:45

*How to beat the clown*
I'd recommend farming flashbangs (about 25-40). These can be found easily at the ATP lair. Don't fight clowns, they do not drop a thing. Get the claw(range:8,damage:4), and equip the pirate gear(pref. CQB). This enables you to stun enemies when you use the claw. Now in the first 2 rounds, kill all his spawn. Make sure you use a flashbang at the end of your turn. You will see a battery on the wall. This represents the clown's HP. When you lower the clown's health, he will summon more clowns. Now be careful, because when you flashbang these, they explode at the end of the clown's turn. Attack with your CQB with the claw, and make sure everyone has enough AP to walk away from the clowns. Keep using flashbangs ,the claw, and long-ranged weapons(aug) and you will eventually win.


2010-11-24 18:43:29

100% lol now if i saw this before i would have done it alot quicker


2010-11-26 16:37:30

You need 20 hints for me because I DONT FUCKING GET THE TOWER!!!


2010-12-23 12:39:29

how do you get the night vision goggles?


2011-02-09 19:16:41

nice game all together but ow do you finish the tower? I've cleared the top part but there's still the middle, can I have some answers please (point of reference is the tower starting point)


2011-02-24 21:13:11



2011-06-22 05:52:12

To all of the people that need help defeating saucy you NEED HANKS armor without out it you can not hit them at all and i advice making a team with The Savior and Tricky in it also or you have no chance!


2011-06-27 03:36:50

OMG you guys I just figured out something, the clones at the saucy is the EASIEST boss in the game all you have to do to hit him is kill him with the exact weapon you have and hes finished!


2011-08-20 01:13:10

How about Hank?


2012-07-18 15:10:26

I figured out the tower in 15 minutes but I cant kill those stupid Saucy guys. How dafuq you kill em?


2012-10-28 09:54:33

You shoot (or stab) them with the weapon they got.